Gay Marriage : A Negative Effect On Society And How The Government Deals With It

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Carlos Ulloa
Political Science 3346
Professor Chounlamountry
November 29 2015

Gay Marriage

My topic is about gay marriage and how is really has a negative effect on society and how the government deals with it. As society and our government goes through changes people of certain groups don’t really let us move on and develop as a nation of diversity. These people have a name and they belong to the cultural lag group which doesn’t let us move forward because for there way of thinking By having the cultural lag we as society are never going to move forward to new ideas. Society is run by many things and the top for me is race, gender, religion and class status. Government plays a big as well because with it we will never have certain rights or have changes.

The reason for this cultural lag is due to religion. They may be all morally good and have good values but they even corrupt our society today. Many religions don’t accept the fact of gay people in this world it’s a sin. Many people today are more and more becoming gay and its turning out to be something natural something normal. Religion being the dominant voice in people’s heads they don’t accept it. Religion is a big part of society they are the ones who lead people in so many ways.

Religion is not bad but the way they thinking is their reasoning is bad, because of them we don’t improve in our society. This is disrupting our society and leading us to more problems In the future. As the new generations come in we…
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