Gay Marriage And Same-Sex Marriage

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To begin with, not until May 18, 1970 was the gay community involved within the legal system; on May 18, 1970, they were two students from the University of Minnesota their names were Richard Baker and Michael McConnell (“Bahn’s, Angela J. and Nyla R. Branscomb”). They were the first gay couple to ask for a Same-Sex Marriage license. They were denied, accepted of the marriage license base of their sexual orientation. Baker and McConnell sued the state for discrimination; they went to the State Supreme Court and they lost (Bahn’s, Angela J. and Nyla R. Branscomb “). Their case is considered the Baker vs. Nelson case and it’s been used in multiple states as a way to block marriage equality (”Bahn’s, Angela J. and Nyla R. Branscomb). To continue, in 1983 the subject for equality first began with two gay couple who were seeking equality within Same-Sex Marriage became a more intense subject (“Craig, Maureen A. and Jennifer A. Richeson”). Karan Thompson and her lover Sharon were involved in a drunk driving accident and Sharon suffered severe brain damage (“Craig, Maureen A. and Jennifer A. Richeson”). Karen Thompson wanted to be involved within her recovery; but Sharon parents denied her access to her within the hospital and didn’t allow her to have any input during her care. Karen Thompson sued Sharon parents and won her case in 1991 (“Craig, Maureen A. and Jennifer A. Richeson”). Furthermore, Karen Thompson is now considered to be major key spokesperson for lesbians and gay
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