Gay Marriage Equality

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Should Marriage Equality be Welcomed or Frowned Upon? Should this nation have the right to deny a citizen equality? Overall, the answer should be no. Surprisingly enough, the majority of our nation says there should not be marriage equality because it is unethical. The topic of marriage equality has been around for almost fifty years and it does not seem to be going away anytime soon as it is still a very prominent discussion in our society. The very first time a couple of the same sex applied for a marriage license was in December of 1970. The couples’ names were Richard John 'Jack' Baker and James Michael McConnell. They were denied marriage whenever they came forward to be married. As a result, they tried to sue the County District clerk, however the supreme court sided by the clerk (Gay Marriage Timeline History of the Same-Sex Marriage Debate). Less than three years later Maryland became the first state to officially make same sex marriage illegal and many other states soon followed in their footsteps. What made them prohibit same sex in the first place and did they have a valid reason in doing so? There are very strong arguments for both sides of this topic, nevertheless that does not deny that this is a right and it is wrong to restrict it. If this is not a given right then why would a county court judge speak out? In Florida, a country court judge stood up against the gay marriage ban. She voiced her opinion about how the ban on same sex marriage only hurts, discriminates, and prevents all of the people affected by the ban from participating in a cultural experience of our country (Should Gay Marriage be Legal?). By preventing them from being like everyone else in the country, they are being counted as inferior. People commonly make negative judgments and critics against people who just want to find love. Gay couples are constantly being shot down just because they want to express themselves. How is this fair? Google sent out their own statement about gay marriage saying that “we should not eliminate anyone’s fundamental rights, whatever their sexuality, to marry the person they love” (‘‘Why Should We Care about Marriage Equality?’’: Political Advocacy as a Part of Corporate Responsibility). On top
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