The Issue Of Marriage Equality

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Marriage Equality Sydney Sedlack The University of Akron 30 March 2015 Abstract This paper examines the rising issue of marriage equality and LGBT rights and the myriad of differing social stigmas of each. Covered more and more frequently by the mass media, equality for people of all sexual identities and orientations is rapidly becoming the most important human rights issue in the United States. This paper deduces a viewpoint on equality as a legal issue completely separate from religious connotations, as well as takes into account the evolutionary origins and impacts of alternative sexualities in both humans and other species. The analysis of research conducted by several evolutionary biologists supports claims that varying sexual orientation within populations is normal and should not be alarming. Fallacies often utilized by opponents of legal marriage equality are observed and efficiently countered. Persuasive and informational content encourages acceptance of alternative lifestyles and concisely explains why no valid reason exists to oppose marriage equality for all. Keywords: marriage equality, LGBT rights, human rights, sexuality Marriage Equality Once upon a time, marriage was defined by the Bible as the holy union between a man and a woman. For centuries, this idea remained unquestioned; however, in the progressive society of the 21st century, more and more people are starting to call out its fatal flaws. People in conventional heterosexual relationships

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