Gay Marriage Should Be Legal

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Over the last couple of years things have changed around the world, the things that I am talking about would be the people and how they make themselves appear. We were all born different, we don’t think the same, we don’t ack the same, and we all do different things. One of those things is who we fall in love with, or whom we think is attractive. Some people when they are born may be a male and is attracted to females, also a male can be attracted to males; a female can be attracted to females. They are allowed to be attracted to the same sex or the different sex. In the United States they passed a law were gay marriage is now allowed in all 50 states, which many people have an issue with, but what is it around the world. What do all of …show more content…

Among American men, nearly 6 percent reported being virgins, while 4 percent of British men reported never having had sexual intercourse. Among women, the figures were 5 percent for Americans and 3 percent for Britons.” (Harm) 19 percent of American men said they only had one sex partner during their lifetimes, as compared with the 21 percent of Britons had. 32 percent of American women reported having only one sex partner, while 40 percent of the British women reported having had only one sex partner. 
So as you can see Europe wasn’t a huge difference when it came to how many partners they had but they didn’t sleep around as much. The differences in all of the sexual activity may explain some of the disparity. "There is strong evidence that the risks of contracting a sexually transmitted disease are closely associated with the number of sexual partners," “The increase of the risk is dramatic as the number of sex partners rises, he said.
” (Harm)
People are told to wait till you find the one or not to always sleep around because you can get a disease, try to wait till you found the one and get married. I found a study that told about how people felt if they didn’t wait till marriage. Our public health may be the high price we pay for our public opinion. Many people think Oh its just sex it will be okay. "
The study found that while 25 percent of American men feel that pre-marital sex is wrong, only 8 percent of British men held such an

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