Marriage and Ancient Rome Eras

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The Problem and its Setting

I. Introduction

A. Background of the study

Premarital sex, also known as adolescent sex or youthful sex is a sexual activity that is practiced by people who are not yet married. The term “premarital sex” is referred to any sexual relations among people prior to marriage. During the 1950s, Western societies consider men and women of age 21 as a legal basis for marriage, as such there were no considerations that one who had sex would not marry. Thus, the case was not clear whether sexual intercourses between individuals legally forbidden from marrying, or one uninterested in marrying could be considered premarital.

Historically, premarital sex is considered as taboo by many cultures
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6. What do they think is the main reason for the gradual increase of premarital sex in the country?

7. How will the students contribute in spreading the knowledge about the effects of premarital sex?

C. Significance of the Study

This study will benefit the following: 1. Students
Students will definitely be the main beneficiary for this study because they are expected to educate people about the study as it assess and measure their awareness and involvement on the different effects of premarital sex. Students will be able to determine the significance of the study. 2. Parents
Parents will also benefit as they acquire additional knowledge brought by the study. The youth should be guided as they enter the stage of curiosity. Parents should be well-equipped with knowledge and explanations so that children of young ages are ensured of well-rounded and better future. 3. Women
Majority of females are composed of young ones and teenagers. As a beneficiary of this study, concerns will be much on focus with the health of women. Generally speaking, the increase in awareness of people to the effects of premarital sex will ensure women of good health. There will be less transmuted diseases, reduced unwanted pregnancies, decreased number of abortions, and lowered death cases among women. 4. Government
The last beneficiary will be the government. Being the great wall of our society, the government’s role
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