Gay Marriage Should Be Legal Essay

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As many minority groups in the United States have fought for their civil rights in past decades, it is the gay community that now finds itself striving for equal opportunities in our culturally diverse nation. Although they have already come a long way in the path of acceptance, most recently the gay community has had to confront extremist conservative groups who claim that allowing same-sex couples to join in a civilly recognized union violates the act of a traditional, sacred marriage. Gay and lesbian individuals feel that, like any other group, they should not be denied rights that are typically bestowed upon heterosexual couples who are recognized by the federal government. Certainly, there are states that have drafted and…show more content…
Yet, their unions are considered valid and they reap the full benefits of matrimony afforded to any heterosexual pair. For the purpose of raising children, gay rights opponents argue that children do not belong in households headed by two people of the same sex. They worry that children living in such an environment will grow to be confused, and will be raised in unfavorable social conditions. Moreover, religious leaders who oppose gay rights reason that it is unjustifiable for the gay community to equate their fight for rights and recognition to that of racial equality. They argue that homosexuality is an immoral, chosen behavior that does not deserve special protection under the law, perhaps insinuating that gay individuals are only a fraction of the worth that any other human being is. In 1996 the United States Congress adopted the Federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which denies federal recognition of gay marriages and gives each state the right to decide whether to recognize gay marriage certificates issued in other states. It is because of this Act that many gay rights groups such as Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (GLAD), feel it is essential to fight for the right to be legally married and be recognized by the government. Said groups argue that only marriage will provide legal, social and emotional security for gay partners. An example of how permitting gay and

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