Gay Marriage Should Be Legal

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Gay marriage is one of the most debated and controversial issues in today’s society. Everyone has his or her opinions on gay marriage, whether it is acceptable or should not be allowed. According to The Washington post, “59 percent say they support same-sex marriage while 34 percent are opposed”(Craighil, P., & Clement). While 59% of the supporting gay is a high number, however that number is skewed. There is a difference between tolerance and acceptance, but the 59% is the total of the both. People have different perspectives on gay marriage. The ones that will be in this essay are, social science against same-sex marriage, most religions against same-sex marriage, and people for it.

People that approve same-sex marriage have been going up as time goes, and more people accept same-sex marriage more than ever before. Thirty-one states have approved same sex marriage (ProConorg Headlines). That many states would not have approved same-sex marriage if their people didn’t approve it. The states that have approved gay marriage are the most populous states, such as California.

According to Gay marriage pro-con,” Marriage is redefined as society 's attitudes evolve, and the majority of Americans now support gay marriage”(ProConorg Headlines). In the 1900’s interracial marriage was forbidden and looked frowned upon, which is somewhat now happening with gay marriage. Interracial marriage is now common, and most people supported.…

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