Gay Marriage Vs Medieval Research Paper

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Marriage today has become somewhat of a common goal for people all around the world and the same can be said for the 1300s. In both time periods two people would come together and be united, usually by the church. However, though modern marriage is not entirely different from the Middle Ages, it has definitely had a huge makeover. Marriage has changed a lot in the past seven-hundred years—and in some interesting ways. Today people marry for widely different reasons, have very different roles and expectations that come along with engagement, and it is more acceptable for gay people to marry.
The first notable change between the 1300s and the 2000s is how a couple would come together. In Medieval Europe, women were not able to choose who they would marry—instead their future was arranged by her and the potential groom’s parents. It also wasn’t arranged become the parents felt the two were “right for each other”. It was not for love; it was for monetary value (Knox). Couple today, however, choose one another, and usually on an emotional basis instead of a financial or even political one. With arranged marriages, a bride would not know …show more content…

Gay marriage was absolutely not allowed in Medieval Euope. In fact, in the 1300s, “homosexuality” was not even a word. Instead, same-sex relationships were called sodomy. Even though they usually were considering what sodomy actual means, it was a very bad thing to do and it was almost always hidden if someone was gay. Actually, it was even said to be a “sin against nature”. If a man was caught with another man, or a woman was caught with another woman, those individuals would most likely be faced with a painful execution (“Sodomy and Homosexuality in Medieval Europe”). This is hugely different from today, where gay marriage is not only allowed, but also widely supported. Couples can be with who they want to be with in public—no one will be persecuted for their

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