Gender And Gender Roles In The Medieval Period

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Name : Meenakshi Raj As the social system developed, several new occupational and societal groups needed definition, especially in terms of gender roles and expectations. The medieval period that began and lasted for a thousand years, by the domination of both Catholic church and a feudal government system, saw a life revolving around both men and women depending upon their individual role in society, determined by their social status, family ties, bloodline, marital status and education. I It is from a position of wealth, or lack of it, that dictated a man’s place in Medieval society t is from a position of wealth, or lack of it, that dictated a m Men and women in medieval period were portrayed in a way that is contrary to the modern day ideals of male/female stereotypes. The male section of the society was considered superior to that of the females, where the ideas surrounding masculinity were inherited from Classical literature and the Bible, creating a definition of masculinity based purely on male…show more content…
The males had four times as many jobs, then women, to choose from. The women had very strict rights, they could have but were not allowed to do many things. The people did not even count women as part of the town because they couldn't do much. The town did not like having the women around. Within the households of the medieval period, power was been connected with land ownership and the estate one was born into. There were usually strict gender roles for both men and women. Women were expected to be submissive to men, who were seen as the heads of household, the authorities and decision makers, whereas women were expected to bear and raise children and take care of the domestic affairs of the house, but in general, this role of the mother was considered subordinate to the father’s
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