Gender And Gender Roles

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From a young age, people are told who they must be and how they must act determined by their gender. Gender roles are a set of societal norms that dictate a person’s behavior based on the appropriate and acceptable rules for their gender. This notion derives from the assumption that girls favor dolls and dress-up, while boys prefer toy guns and trucks. These instances contribute to the concept that those of male and female gender must fulfill a specific ideology. These societal standards are ingrained within us as children and we are taught to become exceedingly aware of them. Girls are trained to become vessels of unstable emotions with an excess amount of vulnerability and sensitivity. Females must be the picturesque embodiment of …show more content…

Girls are taught to act in a certain way while boys learn how to behave in another. Young girls are told they must resemble flowers; they have to be small, beautiful, and delicate. Adolescent boys are taught that if they do not control their emotions, their emotions will control them (it is not in men’s vocabulary to be controlled). In an article by Valerie Stokes, a member of the social work department at Northwestern College reflects over a conversation often heard spoken between mother and daughter. A young child asks “Why can’t I mom?”, and the parent typically responds with “because girls (or boys) don’t do that.” This is a common conversation that young girls often experience and proves that stereotypes commence from a young age. It appears evident that both girls and boys possess a strict set of rules regarding gender roles that they must abide by. Gender norms state that girls have to be small and delicate and boys have to play rough and be strong. These gender traits that have slowly ingrained themselves into modern culture are influencing the psyche and mindsets of the youth and well into maturity.
As gender stereotypes stalk men and women into adulthood they negatively impact physical health as well as contribute to mental illnesses. Both men and women experience varying types of discrimination and damage to their physical and mental wellness. The conventional image that women must be thin and

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