Normative Social Roles In The Film Transporter 2 Of 2005

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Literary works depict normative social roles on gender thereby portraying either gender as having specific set of characteristics in comparison to one another (Fetterley 492). The movie Transporter 2 of 2005 directed by Louis Leterrier and starring Jason Statham as Frank Martin is just an example of how the male and female gender are assigned given roles that bring out their characters as distinct (Leterrier). The movie uses both gender to express normative social stereotyping that portrays males as masculine and females as feminine, dehumanizes the female gender as a sexual object of the male gender, gives the lower relative social power to the female gender observed in the social class assigned either gender in the film, and associates …show more content…

Through the movie, only supportive role is assigned the female characters represent by Audrey on the protagonist side and Lola to the antagonist (Leterrier). Serving the supportive roles only enables the abilities of Audrey and Lola to show at minimal levels as compared to the males who get the major roles of the starring Jason Statham and the major antagonist Alessandro Gassman (Leterrier). Though Sigmund Freud claims that females pose problems to themselves by adopting gender stereotyping that plays against them in the social space, media platforms as exampled by the movie Transporter 2 exploits the females in demonstrating femininity in them more than the male gender as minor to the males (Freud 1). An observation that through popular culture, such as media, normation is achieved that stereotypes and shapes the psychological status of members of a society plays in the case of the film (Fetterley 492). For instance, Jason Statham is depicted as strong and physical person in comparison to Lola who has to be assisted by a sniper to deal with him in kidnapping baby Jack (Leterrier). This portrays that Lola would not succeed in fighting herself out of the situation and at the end Jason kills her to show that she is inferior to her in terms of physical strength and wit (Leterrier). Still, assessment of the length and severity of the fight between the antagonist Gassman and Jason gauges that the ringleader of the gang reigns superior in masculinity as compared to Lola

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