Gender And Gender : The Social Construction Of Gender

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1. The Social Construction of gender according to Women, Images and Realities textbook (pg.10) is the socially constructed behaviors and characteristics that are associated with each sex. W.I.R. also explains the significant difference between sex and gender as the distinction that enables us to see that the expectations for women and men in our culture are neither immutable nor universal. Before you can begin to conceptualize that the dissimilarities between gender and sex you must comprehend the social construction of gender. A socially constructed ideology that relates to gender is when a child is first born if it is a male typically they are clothed in a blue blanket to indicate that they are a male and they received blue colored …show more content…

787). She was also commonly called a “Sir” and since she had it heard it so many times before, most of the times she just went along with it to avoid confrontation and embarrassing the person by correcting them on their mistake. One of the benefits of being perceived as a male was that she was not afraid of being publicly harassed like most women are due to rape culture. She felt that she was less likely to be prone to a rapist.
Lucal’s article shows how if a person steps outside of gender norms their identity can constantly be questioned, and they can be scrutinized. However, it was disgusting to know that the likelihood of her being attacked was less than since she came off masculine. The rape culture is alive and thriving, and dressing manly should not be the answer to reduce the probability of a woman being attacked or sexually harassed while on the street. Unfortunately, that is the reality of the situation. In W.I.R. the article on Whose Body Is It, anyway (pg. 523) it explains how society must readjust our lens, so we can begin to see ourselves and each other as full, capable, and mighty human beings will take as much work as reconstructing our violent society, although it is not easy the conditions and tasks go hand in hand.
This ties into the Michael Kimmel discussion of power and privilege to gender, and masculinity, because he explained that privilege is about more

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