Gender Demographic Group Of The Media

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Homosexual Demographic Group Essay People in America tend to view media as an all-knowing, reliable source of information that affects their very lives. It’s no wonder that any form of demographic portrayal put in the media is automatically consumed by thousands of people every single day. This makes the mass media an important component in the society’s perception of many demographic groups. One of the most common demographic group thrown into the media is the LGBTQ. This organization was brought to America in 1988, however, sexuality is only a human feeling, existing from the time humans were evolved. The portrayal of the LGBTQ has evolved over time; Gays are more accepted now than they were around the 1950’s. “In 1980 to 90 the …show more content…

As an American sometimes you have to ask yourself, why would the media in the past, or even now, try to dehumanize a group of people? It all depends on how you depict the situation. Nowadays, homosexuals are seen overall as almost a normal thing to be. We all are human, and we all bleed the same blood; However, things were not always how they are today. The Society of Human Rights was the first gay organization founded in 1924 by Henry Gerber. This organization immediately caused chaos and was disbanded almost instantly because of the political pressure. A majority of Americans saw gays as taboo and almost sickening. “1925 was the year police raids began to occur at gay and lesbian restaurants.”(United Church of Christ) One of the main reasons people looked down upon homosexuals was because of them being considered a threat. They were seen as sociopaths and psychos. Psychologists believed that homosexuals had sociopathic intentions and needed electric shock therapy. (PBS) During the Cold War in the 1950’s propaganda spread that stated that since homosexuality was a mental illness that “homosexuals were a security risk to the nation because those who engage in overt acts of perversion lack the emotional stability of normal persons.” (PBS) Following this statement, years later, President Eisenhower banned homosexuals from working in any part of the federal government due to the risk they brought. One psychologist,

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