Gender Disparities : An Examination On Why Bread Winners Suck Essay

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Gendered Disparities; An Examination on Why Bread-Winners Suck
In the fall of 2009, Alison Jaggar wrote a paper detailing the struggles that females face in society titled “Transitional Cycles of Gendered Vulnerability; A Prologue to a Theory of Gendered Global Justice.” After reading and analyzing her work, I would like to counter-argue against her denial that the effects that typical family roles play in society, specifically in regards to the upper and middle class; that men should be the breadwinners and women should be the caregivers. We live in a world where all different types of people face injustice and receive less opportunity in the workforce because of the way that society is set up. Since before we even immigrated to the New World, men have been the workers, whereas women have been domesticated. Today, if a wife were to be divorced from her spouse, she would not have as much working experience as her husband, because she had played the domestic role at home; taking care of children, cleaning, keeping bills on track, etc. It’s due to this that women rarely get a taste of what it’s like to work in some of the higher paying jobs. Furthermore, in a typical family role, men go on to make the money of the house, the children are educated and told to pursue their careers. However, when discussing children’s family roles, the son typically goes on to be the scholar and to seek the higher paying job that could be offered to him, whereas the woman is encouraged to pursue

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