Gender Distinctions Between The Sonqo People And The Yanomamo People

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The Sonqo people and the Yanomamo people had their differences, but in the end were a lot more alike than you would think. They both portrayed gender distinctions in everything they did. One gender was always superior than the other, in this case the men seemed to be. Men were always the high and almighty, given way more power than women. As I read more, I began to find some answers as to why this might be so. Each group, the Sonqos and Yanomamos, have their own beliefs and their own way of organizing their pack. This all is different for each group depending on the natural environment they were brought up in and continue to live in. It was very interesting to learn more about these two groups and to see what they all had in common and what they did differently. I enjoyed searching for the frequently asked question as to why they do what they do and if there is any meaning behind it. In the paragraphs to follow, I will be talking more about why gender distinctions develop and also how different environments can shape who you become as an individual and as an united community. There were a ton of gender differences going on in both Sonqo and Yanomamo. In Sonqo, the major gender differences, to me, were shown numerously in traditional rituals performed. Every tradition was performed by a man and the men always played the most important part. An example of this was when they would share the bundles of coca for chewing. During the exchange of these, men always received it

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