Gender Equality And The Pay Gap

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The gender pay gap has always been an issue concerning the work force and those apart of it. Men have always made more money than women no matter the occupation, and pay discrimination needs to be stopped. It 's even been documented that women are more active and educated in labor force but still receive 78 cents for every dollar a man makes. The pay gap is affecting all women and impacting those of all races, ethnic groups, ages, education levels, and is a problem in every state. A change needs to be made in order for the pay gap to shrink because this is not showing a sense of everyone being equal.

Why is there even a pay gap between the genders anyway, this is supposed to be a place of equality but women seem to still be less than men, even worse then that women of color get even less than those who are white so really where is the equality. In 2010 women were receiving 77% of what a man was making while doing the same job, now in the year 2015 women are making 78% of what a man is making, big change isn 't being made any time soon(Goldin). The pay gap is has been reported to be increasing with age, meaning women and men start around making the same pay but then begin to fall back behind the men as the decades continue according to Goldin’s,“Close the Gender Pay Gap, Change the Way We Work.” Besides that another reason for the wage gap has a lot to do with the occupation one has, suggesting that women earn less not just because they pick lower income jobs(Goldin). For

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