Gender Identification : An Exploration Of The Transgender Group

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Gender Identification: An Exploration of the Transgender Group and Their Relationship in Society
Gender identification and expression of transgender individuals has become controversial in America because of lack of knowledge and societal acculturation of this group. As society continues to connect gender identity with sexual identity, those who identify as transgender are forced to conform to the cultural norms of society or choose not to openly portray their gender expression. Although the media and the LGBT community has played a major role in raising awareness about transgender people, legislation and politics reflect inequality and bias. Assigning gender roles in a society leads to individuals not having equal rights and becoming …show more content…

According to the National Transgender Discrimination Survey in 2014, over 50% or more transgender experienced family members choosing not to speak to them, being harassed or bullied at school, discrimination in the work place, and refusal of treatment form healthcare providers” (Anna P. Haas, 2014, p. 2). The transgender community describes themselves as “many selves”, because they indeed are “human beings who navigate as leaders of the community, students, business owners, and activists (Erickson-Schroth, 2014, p. 4). This generalization is important for society to understand, so that gender presentation doesn’t become an individual’s one entity.
The history of transgender discrimination can be dated back to the formation of the colonies in the United States. During colonization, gender systems were created to establish cultural gender roles based on an individual’s sex determined at birth. In 1620, was the first recorded person who identified as being transgender in the state of Virginia (Beemyn, 2013). This individual described himself as being both a man and a woman, wore both men and women clothing, and created a man and woman name for himself/herself. Physical examinations were taken of this individual, and no clear sex could be determined (Beemyn, 2013, p. 1). During this

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