Discrimination Against The Transgender Community In The 1960s

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TRANSlucent; Discrimination Against the Transgender Community in the 1960’s The term transgender is used to define individuals who do not identify with the sex that they were assigned at birth. For example, if a person who is born female decides later on in her life that she would like to identify as a man, that person would identify as a trans-man, and would most-likely use the pronouns “he” or “him” when describing himself. In the late 1950’s to mid-1960’s, the transgender community faced discrimination such as physical and verbal harassment, denial of social spaces, and alienation in the media. This matters to us today because transgender individuals are still existing and are a part of our human population today. The community is also still struggling to find their representation in the media and in society. The transgender community is still facing a wide array of types of discrimination, from nasty looks to denied access of education. Gender identity should not be taken into consideration when determining another person’s worthiness of respect. Because a lot of transgender individuals in the 1960’s followed and were affiliated with gay and lesbian people, they have faced many similar forms of discrimination; this discrimination includes being publicly shamed, seen as predatory, thrown into jail, and being literally hunted. This was mainly targeted towards the homosexual demographic since that group had been publicized by the media more often relative to the

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