Gender Inequality In America

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The United State of America is known widely for the political equality and political liberty all around the world. People around the world are not aware of what is happening inside of the United States of America and what the citizens must encounter daily basis due to the separation they face based on their gender, and ethnic background. We as citizens of America have the right to fight for our freedom, if not nobody will merely give us that freedom. Centuries ago slaves from Africa were shipped to America to build this nation what we call our home. To build this country many Africans lost their freedom and their own life. Furthermore, the Africans who made this country are not appreciated for what they have done and still in the current society they encounter inequality. The formers of United States were white males, and they created laws which mostly favor their people. However, the female population of America also undergo through gender inequality on daily bases. The real picture of America is not very well known around the world. In the mid of nineteenth-century people started to raise up more frequently for their freedom and rights. We live in a nation which is a democracy, however America is not fully a democratic country, Individuals face inequality due to their gender and race still in our society. There are three branches of our government which are the Judicial branch, Legislative branch, and Executive branch. Judicial branch helps citizens to obtain political

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