Gender Inequality In The Salem Witch Trials

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Around 300 hundred years ago inequality was a huge thing. Women were not treated the same because of the men thought that the woman's job was to cook, clean, have children, and maintain the household. While the men attended to all the other hard stuff like education and working for money. Now 300 years later inequality is still around in certain places, but not as often as back then. How does the inequality in the story affect the relationships of the townspeople as opposed to people now? Religion is the main source of inequality in the story, since in the past women were not as superior as the men were. Thus giving inequality in the story. Because in the Salem witch trials religion was the law to most people. Since, religion and laws are changing, the gender inequality is diminishing slowly. There are many differences between now and the salem witch trials. 300 years ago the salem witch trials were happening because of hysteria that the church made in order to keep authority over the people. The target were women because they were the inferior gender, while the Males were the superior gender. “Giles: It discomfits me! Last night- mark this- I tried and tried and could not say my prayers. And then she closed her book and walks out of the house, and suddenly - mark this- I could pray again! (Miller, 38)” the Quote from the passage shows that since Giles’ wife is reading a book that is not the bible she is automatically categorized as a witch. The only book that women were

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