Gender Is A Fundamental Part Of Personal And Amicable Identity

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Gender is a fundamental part of personal and amicable identity for all of mankind, but gender is also a biological, intellectual, and cultural foundation for people everywhere. In the article “Learning to be Gendered” Penelope Eckert and Sally McConnell-Ginet explain how people are not born, but are made. How the making of a man or woman begins even before birth and turns into a never-ending process. The difference of male and female is the ground upon which we build ourselves. From the moment of learning whether the child is a male or female, gender is thrown into play. With the separation of colors, pink for girls and blue for boys, and also the separation of toys, cars and trucks for boys, and preferably dolls and play kitchen sets for …show more content…

Perhaps because I never considered the extent of how I became the young lady I am today. I sat and thought to myself, gender roles are important, but they really shouldn’t be as prominent as they are. I believe children should be allowed to grow into their own person. Yes, teach the child the basics, the important parts of what it means to be a man or a woman. Little girls should know it is not lady like to sit with their legs open and little boys should know not to lay a hand on a lady. But if we get these children so caught up in their roles as a male or female they never have room to express themselves as fully as they probably would like. Take my childhood for example, my mother always tried to put me in pretty little dresses, curl my hair, and send me off to school. I wasn’t that little girl, I was what they called, a tomboy. I loved to sit and play in the dirt, I loved to run and jump, I loved to play kickball, I loved basically anything the guys got to do that I wasn’t allowed to do. I received numerous spankings throughout my childhood, but not one of them made me change what I was doing. Everyday I’d come home with either a dirty or ripped dress, skid shoes, hair a mess, just looking like I hadn’t bathed in weeks. Eventually my mother sat me down and asked why I didn’t do as she said. I explained to her that I didn’t enjoy sitting at the table playing with Barbie

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