Gender Is A Social Construction

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One cannot talk about social interactions in society without talking about gender. Gender is part of According to Macionis (2015), gender is “the personal traits and social positions that members of a society attach to being female or male”. Most societies only view gender as being either male or female. An individual must portray their gender correctly in order to be normal in society. Meaning a woman must act feminine and a man must act masculine. However, what happens when an individual chooses not to “do” gender? How does society respond to those who do not participate in “doing gender”? In order to answer these questions we will have to explore what it means to say that gender is a social construction and what is means to “do” gender. In the process we will define impression management and explain how Lucal (2012) engages in impression management with regards to doing gender and along with identifying which sociological theoretical approach best explains why we do gender. First, when it comes to social interactions, it play a big role on what it means to do gender. “Social interaction is the process by which people act and react in relation to others” (Macionis 2015: 114). As humans we assign meaning to everything that we see, for example when we see nail polish and makeup we automatically categorize them as things that are associated with women. This is also what it means to say gender is a social construct because a social construct is “the process by which we

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