Gender, Race and Class in: Winter's Bone Essay

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GRC at the Movies – Winter’s Bone

One of the most important themes in the movie Winter’s Bone is the submissive and ridged, traditional gender roles women adhere to throughout the film. Men are always portrayed as being in the authoritative position, and only two examples of women standing up to this authority come to mind. Class plays a major role in the movie as well. If ree were from a high-class family her house likely would not be up for her father’s bail. Racially, this is not a diverse film. All the major characters are white, and that tells us a lot about the community that this movie is set it in. There are many important statements regarding gender, race, and class in the film Winter’s Bone.
The movie
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Often, Ree and her siblings are forced to rely on the generosity of their neighbor Sonya for many food and provisions. Ree also spends time teaching her younger siblings how to hunt squirrels, implying that they cannot afford enough food by their own means and must hunt to make ends meet. Depending on the interpretation, it is possible that another more subtle depiction of the family’s impoverished can be inferred in a scene where Ree is showing her younger siblings how to gut and clean a squirrel just shot. While gutting the squirrel Sonny asks Ree “Do we eat these parts?” To which Ree grimly responds “Not yet.” This could be Ree letting on that if their situation gets any more desperate, they may be forced to resort to eating parts of squirrels that are meant for eating.
Race does not play a large role in this movie, which tells you a lot about the community the movie is set in. None of the characters in the movie are people of color. This tells the audience that the movie is dealing with an all-white, poor, rural community. This allows the audience to fill in information regarding this community based on what is already known about such communities.
Winter’s Bone contains some of the predominant stereotypes held towards rural dwellers of the United States. Everyone in the movie speaks with a thick, southern drawl and make very uneducated choices in their diction and grammar. One character who Jessup

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