Gender Representation Of The Science

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In today’s society, there are more men engaged in the science fields than women. With that being said, this could cause the commonness of gender stereotypes. For instance, science is there for men and not women. Besides the social life of others, these stereotypes can also be shown in during the education process. Stereotypes are mainly visible by the use of language, the methods of teaching, gender and the attitude that is given. The main goal of this article was to tell whether the science education contained gender biased. This analysis thoroughly explains men are more into science profession and women are more likely to become teachers. In this article, men and women shows a stereotypical representation in online science education …show more content…

For example, Jahren states” she was a child probably around that same age, hanging around in her father’s lab (Lab Girl).” The kind of person she became, a scientist, clearly she learned a lot from those younger days. Gender bias should be brought to the classrooms as visual content. Visual content such as drawing, pictures, videos, etc. The reason being, Jahren dad was a professor, she was always hanging around where she discovered new scientific inquiry. At that young age, as for me I want to see everything as to how the particular object was made. Why or why not my dad chose this profession and also for him to teach me what he knows. According to the article, textbooks were there for visual learners. It contained graphics and learning utensils. The more you read the more intelligence you gain. Jahren reads, develops and generate her own new knowledge. In addition, nowadays everything changed from the old fashioned textbooks in class rooms to being online. Online resources are more engaged by the youths because everyone including three year olds can operate an electronic device without the need of help. The way men and women are represented is an important factor when influencing children views of gender roles. It is relevant to be aware of the representation of men and women in education resources because that’s the main source from where children get their ideas of science

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