Gender Roles In Barbie As The Princess And The Pauper

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To Freud’s ‘Anatomy is destiny’ Simmone de Beavoir says ‘women are not born, women are made’. Rightly so in the social set up gender is differentiated by allocating specific roles to the males and females. While nurturing, care and passivity is associated with feminine; assertiveness, activeness and rationality are the male attributes. This acculturation extends itself in fairy tales which are an intrinsic part of Literature for children. In the process of growing up every child goes through a ritual of fairy tales loaded with gender. There is an internalization which stays with them making their foundation gendered and they absorb cultural norms where the feminine is stereotyped to secondary social roles.

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The story is a retelling of Mark Twain’s The Prince and the Pauper into a female oriented one where Barbie is a princess and also her look alike poor village girl. They cross ways when princess Anneliese is captured and Erika her look alike tries to save her. The king Dominick falls in love with Erika mistaking her as princess Anneliese. She tries to seek to end her kingdoms economic crisis and while she is imprisoned in a mine she discovers valuable geodes.In the movie Annaliese saves herself twice, first in outsmarting the two goons who guard her prison, the second in making use of water to float out of the whole she is trapped in, eventually making it in time to ruin the villains vile plan. She does not need physical strength, or any of the typical masculine traits to save her, her own resourcefulness is enough to save the day. In the end, the guys’ strength is more or less useless, the villain’s escape is thwarted by an intelligent horse. She does get married, but to the man of her choice, and her intelligence saves an entire kingdom from ruin.Erika plays the princess and saves the real princess by foiling her captor the evil Preminger. The two girls follow their dreams and create their own

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