Gender Roles In Nora And Torvald

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The manipulative and twisted interaction between a man and a woman, what some considered a “marriage”, digs and buries the dominant and controlling nature of the superior into the obedient and submissive nature of the weaker, the man and the woman. In the case of Nora and Torvald, the chaotic and disorderly nature of their marriage is stimulated by the feeling that Nora is viewed as nothing more than a “plaything” or “doll” for all the men in her life, whether it be her father or her “husband”. With years of living like some toy for her husband’s entertainment there is a spark of realization within Nora, that she is not some object that is solely for her husband’s stimulation and transfixiation of perfection and subservience, but she is also a person, a human, and she has rights and she deserves to be respected as she is expected to respect her husband. With the realization of the wronging she has endured in part because of her commanding and persuasive husband and her controlling father, Nora flees from the responsibilities placed upon her by societal gender roles, and the roles deemed necessary for her to fulfill while her husband must work, this revelation and act of self justice is a deviation from what some deemed an inevitable tragedy for the family, in the aspect that this is not the tragedy they imagined. In Henrik Ibsen’s play A Doll’s House, the character Nora, often faced with the forced feminization of her doting father and dominant husband, reaches the point in

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