Gender Roles, Race, And Inequality

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Feminism is the approach to gender roles, race, and inequality in women. It also refers to individuals or organizations that promote changes to society to end the issues involving women. Feminism addresses economic, social, political and cultural differences of power and rights. Sexism plays a huge role in feminism. Generally, people are inferior if they are identified as a black woman and those identified as white women are superior and experience more advantages. Society has formed a culture where white women are treated differently than women of any other race, mainly black women, which makes a black woman seem to be “less than” a white woman. Many people believe that it is just “the way that it is supposed to be”, but every women…show more content…
Women wanted to have a voice and a say so to economic, social, political, and cultural changes, now it has altered into a movement for equality in women. Race feminism is used to address the issues of inequality in women from different racial groups. There are different types of feminism, liberal, radical, socialist and cultural feminism. Liberal feminism advocates individuals to use the democratic process to help women from different racial groups become equal in society and the eyes of the law. Radical feminism is a movement that believes the only way to get rid of feminism is to get rid of gender and race completely, radical feminism mainly focuses on sexism. Socialist feminism is a movement that believes that capitalism is the main issue causing race feminism. Socialists focuses on economics and politics. Cultural feminism believes in encouraging feminine behavior rather than masculine behavior (Feminism, 2007).
The feminist movement is usually defined in three ‘waves’. The first wave of feminism took place in the nineteenth century. During this time, women were dominated by white middle and upper class Anglo-American women, women of color were excluded. The second wave began in the 1960s, this wave focused on addressing social groups among women based on their race. Feminist attempted to make the issue between women and race aware but resulted in a fragmentation of feminism. The main focus was to pass the Equal Rights Amendment to the
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