Gender Socialization Is The Process Of Learning Gender Expectations

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There are fewer women hold high-status positions than men in multiple fields. Women made-up 55.5 % of the United States population, but hold only 19.6 % of seats on the U.S Congress, 4.6% of CEO positions (S&P 500 companies), and 13.2% of superintendent positions. Why is this? Many people believe that women are intellectually inferior, and/or lack the desire to reach the top. However, they are misguided. The disproportionate number of women in prominent positions is a result of traditions of gender socialization facilitating prejudice practices in the work environments. Gender socialization is the process of learning gender expectations. It is what constitutes what is “masculine” as opposed to what is ‘feminine.” This process often …show more content…

This impression, coupled with the perception of aggression as a predominantly masculine trait, can lead to unwelcoming work environments in which women may experience sexism, double standards, and harassment. For instance, many women experience, co-workers telling inappropriate jokes and making sexually oriented remarks toward them. One woman recounts, “it happened so often that I stopped telling [my boss] about it” (Angyal, 2015).
Women have to maneuver through a labyrinth of invisible obstacles, such as unconscious bias, and visible obstacles such as???? to climb up the corporate ladder. Every day women fall prey to vertical segregation (also known as “the glass ceiling”), which refers to a barrier that keeps women from rising to the upper rungs of the corporate ladder. Eventually, these obstacles create a reality where it is rare to see a woman ascend into upper level positions. For example, women are principals and/or teachers, while men get the superintendent positions, thus creating a discriminatory division of labor between genders in the workplace. Ultimately, manifesting a system, described by the “sticky floor” concept, where women are more highly concentrated in lower level positions (e.g. secretaries and assistants), while men have the higher level ones such as management. However, in the rare case women make through the labyrinth the criteria for advancement is changed to favor

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