Gender Stereotypes On Gender

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Erika Reeves

Ms. Martin


15 December 2017


In today's society everything is associated with gender. People are taught this at a young age. Before people are born they are already assigned a certain color. If your a girl, its pink, If your a boy then it’s blue. It's never the child's fault how they act, It’s how they are raised. Boys are raised to be tough and not cry while girls are taught that being emotional is normal. When i was younger I remember during recess the boys would be playing football and if a girl tried to join she would get shut down immediately. Since we are taught at a young age that playing sports is a boy thing that's most likely why people don’t care to watch women's sports, or have women football teams at schools. During adulthood men are seen as superior. Women should be a housewife taking care of the kids while the husband is out working. When I was a child I was confused by this stereotype because my mom was the one who worked. Society has a huge effect on the psychological differences on gender stereotypes because of its pressure on parents, peers, and the individual.

When out in public and you see a baby in blue the first thing you think of is that its a boy. This is because in society people associate pink with femininity and blue with masculinity. In today's age the new trend for babies is gender reveal parties. Why do people associate gender with colors? Cognitive research shows that most babies prefer the color blue. In

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