Gender Wage Gap

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The gender wage gap, while not always taken so seriously, is an ongoing problem in almost every occupation. Although many view this topic as not prominent anymore, there is tons of evidence to show that the wage gap is still detrimental even today. There are other factor that play into the gender wage gap, like gender specific job preferences and the different opportunities given to the opposite genders (Joy). While some might think that it is only these factors that play into the difference in salaries, there are many studies to prove that even in the same job field a man and woman would make different salaries for doing the exact same tasks. The primary problem of wage differences in America is that women don’t receive as many opportunities for raises or promotions when compared to men. Therefore, with less opportunities it is significantly harder for success which then leads to lower paying occupations.
Throughout history the gender wage gap hasn’t always been as much of a dilemma as it is current day. In fact from the 1800’s to the 1930’s the female to male earnings ratio had stayed pretty steady. Although women’s roles were viewed a lot differently than they are now, back then not very many women went to work every day, so therefore there wouldn’t be as many women in the work force to contribute to the gender wage gap. More recently the wage gap has become a much bigger problem. “The progress over the past few decades has been dramatic: Blau (forthcoming) reports that

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