Gendered Politics Project : Women And Healthcare

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MaKenna Rasmussen
Gendered Politics Project
6 December 2015
Women and Healthcare

Health care has drastically changed throughout the years, especially for women. Areas that have experienced trouble have been Planned Parenthood, and whether or not birth control should be included in insurance and/or provided by healthcare agencies or employers. Planned Parenthood has been getting attacked because of people who do not believe abortion is a morally conscious decision. Planned Parenthood helps women who are unable to afford the care they need while pregnant, teaches safe sex, and provides adequate health care to mean and women in general. Being able to obtain and use birth control is essential for women’s health and ability to plan and control their own lives. The main issue is that multiple insurance companies, politicians, and even employers are trying to prevent women from reciving this healthcare, and also trying to avoid having to provide it for them. Some insurance companies try to cheat the system find loop holes in laws requiring employers to provide necessary healthcare to their employees. They are mainly trying to cut off women’s ability to have birth control funded. These are just two out of several major issues in women’s healthcare that will be discussed throughout this informative essay. “Planned Parenthood Federation of America claims that the 665 clinics run by its affiliates provide a ‘wide range’ of health care as justification for taxpayers providing more

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