Gene Simulation And Ethical Dilemmas

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Social: There should be some sort of legal control/law that need to be placed on the company/group of scientists, so that in the event of an unforeseen consequence during the gene manipulation process such as mutations/diseases which is uncontrollable, they may be held liable. This would ensure society that they are trying to do the process properly and not follow any shortcuts. Furthermore, a review of the genetically modified product should be in place before it can be handled or distributed anywhere outside of the laboratory, again ensuring society that the transgenic mammals will do no harm. Ethical: Individuals who firmly have religious beliefs will view that genetically modifying an organism to suit a purpose is forbidden. As they would believe that God has designed all living things unique to who they are, and making changes to those living things is disrespecting/playing God’s creation. …show more content…

After all they to have a mind of their own, and when they are being genetically modified, they are put in a place where they do not have much choice or power with what is happening to

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