Gene Technology And Its Effects On Agriculture

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1. Gene technology refers to the manipulation of genetic material, including altering DNA in an organism to supress or enhance its activity, or combining genetic material from different species. Whilst biotechnology in the older times refers to how people use biological information to have effects on agricultural like crops and such. Not specific or in-dept. like manipulating genetic material.
3. A restriction enzyme is also known as restriction endonuclease, which is an enzyme that cus DNA at a particular sequence. In DNA technology, there have been 400 different restriction enzymes found and each specific sequence between 4-8. His will allow the scientist to stop any viruses or infection to enter the body through cutting the bacterial DNA.
4. In the attached image, The restriction enzyme could be HindIII
5. In the attached image
6. A PCR is also known as Polymerase Chain reaction, and where this is a laboratory process which DNA polymerase is used to copy a sequence repeatedly, making millions of copies of the same piece of DNA.
NO. Item:
2 DNA polymerase
3 A buffer solution (Salt and other chemicals to function)
4 4 nucleotides – A,T,C,G
5 Two Primers
8. It the cycle is repeated 10 times, than there would be 1024, but for 20 times repeat, there would be 1,048,576
9. In a hair piece, where the hair itself is made out of protein, it attachment to the skin, will have skin cells with DNA, but very limited number. To have a sufficient amount, they must

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