General Taking Medication Is Not My Cup Of Tea

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In general taking medication is not my cup of tea. I rarely take any medications unless I need to. This has been influenced greatly by my culture and how I grew up. My parents do not like taking medication either. For most of childhood, medication was usually honey, garlic and ginger in hot water. I would drink this every time I was feeling unwell and I felt better almost every time. As a result, I followed my parents’ footsteps and to date I still make the same mixture and if I do not feel better, I consult my physician. Regardless, I always take my medications as prescribed by my physician. Due to my personal experience, I can relate to patients who feel as though they do not need to take medications because of their cultural background. This is why I believe it is important to ask out their medication taking experience including their cultural values that may affect the patient when caring out a patient assessment.

I would first acknowledge the fact that the patient’s religion is really important and that it plays a significant role in the medication taking experience. I would try and talk to the patient and come up with different options that would work for the patients as opposed to discontinuing the treatment. Based on my experience working with the Somali population, I am aware of the different options available for people fasting. I will also consult with another pharmacist to come up with the best options for the patient. One option would be to change the
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