Generational Welfare

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Generational Welfare

For most of America’s history, farmers, entrepreneurs or shop owners could live their entire lives without getting any assistance from the federal government except maybe mail. But those days are long gone. In 2012 the total number of Americans on government assistance or welfare reached 4,3000,000. Many of which are 4th or 5th generation Welfare recipients. For whatever the reason, we have become a culture of dependency in which poverty is a trap. Long-term recipients loose job skills, work habits as well as work contacts. For this reason the government should require recipients to work as much as they can. It could be called “workfare” and could help recipients increase potential long-term earnings.
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We need more programs set up to provide training in work skills or a trade so that citizens will be able to receive wages that will easily sustain their families and encourage them to become self sufficient and non dependent on government assistance. It gives great satisfaction for a person to know that they are completely self-sufficient and can provide their family with at least its basic needs. It gives a sense of purpose and builds self-confidence that you do not have when you have to rely on the government or another person for financial help. It requires decision, determination, and discipline.
Some may argue that generational poverty is determined by poor health across generations and not by observation or modeling of ones parents. However the statistics from the changes made during the Clinton administration, give proof that the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act, that works and should be reinstated. Most citizens have a desire to be successful but just don’t have the skills or self-esteem they need to accomplish these goals. Sometimes it takes a little push to get them headed in the right direction and this program seems to do just that. It provided nearly any means of assistance for individuals to become job ready. It provided assistance with transportation problems; self-esteem
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