Genetic Engineering And Its Effects

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A future with no more disease, no more limitations to what we can or cannot do, the making of a superhuman, playing God. Scientists can now make humans better than ever by improving their bodies by changing the cells in your body. Genetic engineering can also prevent long-time diseases from continuing in a family and help treat many illnesses. Though it can help many issues, it brings up many problems if used improperly and often abused. Genetic engineering harbors more moral and ethical issues than having beneficial effects; however, the positive uses in specific situations should be acknowledged.
Genetic history has been around for over a century now and began when Darwin first published the book The Origin of The Species which gave comprehensive information about breeding, the first step of genetic engineering. The next few decades after the first edition was published, scientists have been researching and doing studies on DNA and genetics and establishing what it does and how DNA looks like using a double helix and creating a genetic map to keep track of where all the chromosomes are and the order of them. Soon the first genetically modified DNA organism was done in 1974. Then the first genetically engineered mouse was done in the next couple of years in 1980. Soon they started the first gene therapy on humans in 1991 and is still continuing to this day (GM Education). Technology has now evolved to where people can replicate cells and clone an organism using DNA and then
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