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Personality Development
Brenda Lee Brandmier
September 22, 2014

Personality and Development
Personality is who an individual is, how one does things, manages events and situations, and how one describes other individuals. One 's personality can help guide an individual throughout one 's life, in addition to having power over the situation or task. Many, if not all of these factors of personality, traits, and genetics, make up who an individual is. One 's may believe an individual 's personality, differences, and individualities is the core of who an individual truly is.
Genetics and Research Genetics illustrate the variations within one 's personality and measures are accounted by an individual 's …show more content…

Identical twins are many times seen as genetic reproductions representing variations from twin to the other twin and are created because of environmental factors (Cervone & Pervin, 2010). Since identical twins share identical genetics, his or her personality seems to also share similarities. Moreover, the environment can impact fraternal twins, resulting in fraternal twins personalities and his or her characteristics similar to each other. For example, identical twins. Some research shows twins that are raised in the same residence have little differences from those who are raised in a different home. Twins that are growing up in the same home does not bring then any more closer to being identical then what they already are (Cervone & Pervin, 2010). In some cases, twins can appear different from one another than they first thought or how others would assume they would be. However, identical twins are very close if not the same in the way they act, react, think, feel, etc. it is easy to tell identical twins at the cost of a little observation time, either with them together or apart (Van Hulle, Lemery-Chalfant & Goldsmith, 2007). Temperament plays a role in personality, temperament is also known as a subdomain of a individuals personality. However, personality goes deeper than one’s temperament and includes values and the way an individual believes in their beliefs.
Temperament also defines a person’s emotional, behavioral, and comprehensive

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