Genetic Modification : The Future Of Human Beings?

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Genetic Modification: The Future of Human Beings?

Day by day year by year we are constantly increasing our advancements in the scientific field. One area of these advancements that are becoming more and more of a talking point is the genetic modification of human beings. This means in some ways modifying and changing our genetics to fit our desires. Think of it as buying a car and changing or getting new parts. Like adding a turbo or removing a fault that prevents the car from operating at full potential. As with many things this type of activity done to humans will draw a ton of different opinions and moral questions. The big question is what the future of genetic modification is and how can it help and or harm us?

It seems the future of this is now. “The science making human genetic engineering possible already exists and is being carried out, albeit in its nascent form, in labs and clinics around the world”(Metzl,2015). The early stages of doing this have started. For now it is just screening early stage embryos during vitro fertilization to find certain diseases that this baby may get (Metzl 2015). This is the first step in changing our genetics. This is a tricky one because it is helping someone, but what we don’t know is what damage that help maybe doing to them in other areas even though they can get rid of that particular disease. 80 percent of the medical school students were against genetic engineering that gives children enhanced athletic,

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