Gmo Effects On Children Essay

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As parents in America, we want to provide, protect and help our children grow. With that in mind, there are chemicals being added to the food parents prepare their children to eat that are affecting the well-being of their children. These chemicals are known as GMO’s, or otherwise known as genetically modified organisms. These GMO’s can be found in most processed foods that parents tend to make for quick dinners, in the juices their kids drink daily, and many of the non-organic produce that can be found in the produce department. As parents, identifying the foods that are genetically modified and the effects it has on children is a priority in protecting them. First, knowing what GMO’s are and what all they are found in, can help parents to understand the urgency of this issue with the future of their children. The fact that genetically modified foods are made to help with plant and product damage resistance, to repel insects and prevent disease, to produce a prosperous crop for farmers, and provide the ability to produce enough to supply the demand needed by the population, this may be a benefit for supply and demand but the health of the people consuming it are at risk. Per the USDA 's National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), biotechnology plantings as a percentage of total crop plantings in the United States in 2012 were about 88 percent for corn, 94 percent for cotton, and 93 percent for soybeans. (USDA, 2016) As stated on IRT, or Institute for Responsible

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