Genetically Modified Foods And Seeds

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Present day America has been struggling with a national eating disorder for numerous decades. Through the continuous use of chemicals, preservatives and processing of foods, the connection between nature and one 's plate has been abandoned. GMOs or genetically modified organisms have been another key factor into the nation’s struggle. These modified foods and seeds were created with the future of the food industry in mind, yet they have been proven to create harmful effects. GMOs have been at the root of the major food issues within America. The use of GMOs within the food industry needs to decline, in order to see improvement within the food industry, human progress, and environment. The use of genetically modified foods and seeds …show more content…

This greatly increases the risks for many diseases and health issues (“10 Reasons”). Some of these health issues can arise from the combination of genes, that alter the effects of the original organism. The science behind GMOs and mixing of species and seeds can create harmful side effects, and release germs that have not yet been present in the foods being altered. This can create foreign genes, which are not a product of nature. In Michael Pollan’s novel, The Omnivore’s Dilemma, he writes, “The lack of steadying culture of food leaves us especially vulnerable to the blandishments of the food scientist and the marketer ,”(5). The food scientists have greatly influenced the development of America’s food industry, and GMOs. Rather than preparing and eating foods that have been grown or produced from products of nature literally or straight from nature itself, the production of GMOs progresses the idea of abandoning natural foods, and creating new organisms. These scientists alter foods, which in result harms the consumer, and their health. The foods and seeds food scientists and geneticists produce are not in fact good for the future as some point out. GMOs will eventually result in the loss of ecosystems, species, human lives, and nature. GMOs have led to a society based more on the science and ease of eating, rather than nature and the “authentic” way of creating food. This idea will lead to more processing and artificial ingredients

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