Genetically Modified Organism 's ( Gmo ) Essay

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Genetically Modified Organism’s (GMO) have been gaining public spotlight as scrutiny over their safety has recently been popularized. A GMO is defined as “an organism whose genetic material has been altered by means of genetic engineering,” (, 2015). The debate for both sides of the argument have been detrimental to the other and have yet to be copiously presented without a bias. While any organism can be genetically modified, the unrest between consumers and producers is centered around GMO crops because of the potential impact they could have on human health (Bushak, 2015).
While the popularity of GMOs has only recently started to skyrocket, GMOs have been around for thousands of years. A reporter for Vice, Isobel Yeung, stated, “Essentially, farmers have been modifying crops for thousands and thousands of years—we’ve been cross-breeding our best possible, most productive hybrids to create the best crops,” (Bushak, 2015). However, the difference today is there are genes being added that otherwise would not be there (Bushak, 2015).
The fight today over GMOs has become more volatile than ever before. While there are a variety of organizations fighting for and against GMOs, two have become prominent faces for their respective arguments. Monsanto, a bioengineering company, has been experimenting with genetically modified seeds since 1987 when the US Department of Agriculture allowed them to field test genetically modified tomatoes (Monsanto, 2015). Monsanto

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