Genetically Modified Organisms Are A Hot Topic For Debate

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GMOs or Genetically Modified Organisms are a hot topic for debate. Many have taken a stand against the genetic modifying of organisms, but what many of these people fail to realize is that humans as a species have been modifying organisms based on genetics for thousands of years. Our faithful companions, who were once wolves, were selectively bred based on their genes that expressed faithfulness to humans (Rangel 10). Similarly, the corn that the world consumes today was not the same corn grown by our human ancestors. The plants that grew tall and strong were taken and replanted for the next season. The only difference between GMOs today and the selective breeding of primitive humans is the random factor. Selective breeding relies on the …show more content…

This study found there was no inherent increase in the amount of toxins and antinutrients found in modified plants compared to non modified plants. Also, the amounts of toxins and antinutrients found have no substantial effects for common human diets and can be consumed safely without health risk.
Not only has the safety of GMOs passed extensive board review by the academies of science, engineering, and medicine, but there is also an overwhelming support for GMOs from the scientific community as a whole. There are currently 123 nobel laureates who have signed an open letter of support for GMO’s (Roberts, R. J., and P. A. Sharp). The letter calls upon anti-gmo organizations, specifically Greenpeace, and governments around the world to embrace GMOs and the golden rice project. The golden rice project is a non-profit humanitarian project which aims to modify the rice plant to contain vitamin A. Their goal is to save people in third world countries who lack the proper micronutrients due to their dependendence on rice in their diet. Vitamin A deficiency is extremely common among the poor whose diets consist of easy to grow plants, like rice, but Greenpeace and other anti-gmo organisations have campaigned hard against the golden rice project. It is a crime against humanity to fight against the golden rice project when it has potential to help the 250 million people currently

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