Genetically Modified Organisms Help Make A Stronger And Improved Organism

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GMOs or genetically modified organisms are used to help make a stronger and improved organism. A positive aspect of GMOs is that it allows more of something to be made. A great example would be food. With certain foods being genetically modified more of said food is available to others. The population of Earth is rising which means more food need to be made. Without food that is modified there may not be enough food to feed the world. Another positive to GMOs is that it can be altered to have more benefits for the consumer. An example of this would be altering the health benefits a food has. If a food offered little to no vitamins a modification is available to add more nutritious values into it. One issue with GMOs is that has not been thoroughly investigated. There are fears that genetically modified organisms could have more risks than good. For example, some of the potential environmental and health risks include genetic erosion, plant vulnerability to disease, and food allergies (Du and Rachul). Though there are many pros and cons to GMOs the opinion of some consumers remains neutral (Marris).
GDP or Gross Domestic Product is the value of goods and services created in a country. GDP is used to indicate how the economy is going to a country. At times, GDP is used to indicate prosperity, advance, and quality of life but this is incorrect because some factors are not added within the indication (Novácek). For example, it does not factor in housework or non-reported
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