Genetically Modified Organisms : The Most Natural Or Healthy Diet

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As an American, I have always been aware that my country does not have the most natural or healthy diet. We live in a country with 160,000 fast food restaurants and grocery stores filled with processed foods that can be quickly prepared for the convenience of the consumer. The food industry may make your daily meals and snacking easy and affordable; however, it is important to remember the nutritional value of the foods you are consuming and the affects they may have on your health. When eating non-organic food, whether from a restaurant or a store, remember that almost all of the food shares one ingredient; GMO 's.
GMO 's, or Genetically Modified Organisms, are plants or animals whose cells have been genetically altered with genes from another species to modify and control its characteristics. These types of gene combinations would not occur naturally in nature or traditional crossbreeding. Since the 1940 's, scientists have been using biotechnology, the genetic manipulation of organisms in biology, to alter food, animals and plants for several reasons. But it seems that the negatives outweigh the positives, and us consumers are left with slim to zero benefits.
The uses for GMO 's by the food industry in agriculture include pest resistance, herbicide tolerance, disease resistance, cold tolerance, drought tolerance and nutrition. By genetically engineering the cells in crops, they can be made to withstand chemicals and can also help kill bacteria and insects that try to…
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