Gentrification: Pro's Con's

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Many of our ancestors have arrived to this nation with aspirations of living a life of success. Indeed this is the land of the free and the home of the brave but according to gentrification, which is the removal of lower class citizens through property renewal, the increase in cost of living and demographic shifts, it feels as if we are living in the exact opposite. Gentrification indeed has had some advantages but overall it has led to the increase of the homeless population, the loss of culture, and other social issues. Although in this day of age, gentrification maybe impossible to prevent since capitalism is what move us, regulations should be enforced to diminish this demon.(Watt) The historic root of the word gentrification, arrives…show more content…
The polls showed that these ethnic groups have been denied twice as often as whites at 40.5% to 20.6% ratio. These calculations where taken on groups which had relatively similar if not same backgrounds such as income and credit. Refinance loans and home-improvement have had a similar ratio as well. This goes to show that if minorities could even afford certain residential areas, they would once again be troubled and restricted from resource access. In addition, gentrification has several ways of being creeping into our neighborhood but at the end the outcomes have been quite similar. Our society has always viewed neighborhoods were minorities live in as being the ghettos, slums, or ‘hoods of America. When many of us come across an urbanized area we generally assume violence, drug trafficking, and overall social pathologies strive these places. Once we hear these “ghetto’s” are under going gentrification, we have a sense of relief and we feel there is hope for these communities. Gentrification may seem a blessing to an urban community by many, but if it were to be closely examine it we would find out it isn’t. Although the process has solved many economic issues within cities by providing employment opportunities, increases in property tax revenues and has diminished violence, the aftermath is far worse. (Freeman) Gentrification has increased the

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