Geography : Description, Geography, And Cultural Aspects Of The World

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Geography is a science that looks into the description, distribution, and interactions of the physical, biological, and cultural aspects of the world. We study geography because it helps us to better understand our history as well as our current situations. It allows us to see how the world is laid out, however, geography is not just limited to maps. There are many other purposes of geography than just showing us where things are in the world. For example, it tells us about culture in different regions and how people interact with their environment.
If you are studying the geography of an area, you are most likely going to find things about human/environment interaction. Human/environment interaction is how people deal with their surroundings. For example, if someone goes to get water from a stream or a well, they are interacting with their environment. Human/environment interaction answers questions such as how people use their environment, why they change it, and what happens when the environment is changed.
Another theme of geography you may be studying is movement. Movement is how and why people and things move. Immigrants are people who move into a new country, and emigrants are people who are moving out of a country. An illustration of these two circumstances could be that if someone were to move from England to the United States, they would be an immigrant to the United States but an emigrant of England. These still are not all of the different parts to geography.

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