Research Paper On Mount Everest

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Bret Thayer
Mount Everest

Picture yourself climbing the tallest mountain in the world, Mt. Everest. Many people have successfully scaled this mountain, but others have tried and failed. Mt. Everest has been called a Himalayan Wonder because of its geography and weather extremes (Urmann). By exploring the geography, the people who have tried to climb it, and the supplies you will need, one can see how brave the many people who tried to climb it have been.
People might wonder some basic geography of Mount Everest. The first aspect of the geography of mount everest is the elevation. First of all it is the talled above ground mountain with a whopping elevation of 29,035 said Rosenberg. Mooney said that some glaciers are melting up to 8,850 meters up witch is equal to 29,035 feet up. At Everest's highest point, you are breathing in a third of the amount of oxygen you would normally breathe due to the atmospheric pressure (Bromwich). The second aspect is the climate. The wind can blow over 200 mph(Arnette). The temperature can be -80 degrees fahrenheit (Arnette). The warmest temp on the summit was 3 degrees fahrenheit (Urmann).
The third main aspect of the basic geography is the history of Mount Everest. May 10 1993 40 climbers reached the summit that’s the most ever in one day (Bromwich). 1865 it was named after Sir George Everest (Arnette). Mount Everest is of 60 million years old (Arnette).
One may also wonder how many people actually tried

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