Geopolitics Research Paper

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My global issue is geopolitics. Geopolitics is politics, dealing with international relations, that are influenced by geographical factors. Some factors that have to do with geopolitics are climate, demography, natural disasters, and the elevation of an area. Another major role is arms trade.Arms trade is a major cause of human rights abuse. Some governments spend more on military spending than on social development, communications infrastructure and health combined. While every nation has the right and the need to ensure its security in these changing times, arms requirements and obtaining processes may need to change too.The arms trade is also a big business. Each year, around $45-60 billion worth of arms sales are agreed("Geopolitics."…show more content…
Natural disasters such as earthquakes, wildfires, extreme weather conditions, hurricanes, floods, and other acts of nature and geopolitical events involving terrorism or military conflict could adversely affect business actions and those of their customers and cause damage and loss property. These natural disasters and geopolitical events could impair their borrowers ability to service their loans, decrease the level and duration of deposits by customers, erode the value of loan quantity, and result in an increase in the amount of their non-performing loans and a higher level of non-performing assets, net charge-offs, and provision for loan losses, which could adversely affect their earnings. Disaster unleashes misery upon human being and challenges the foundation of civilization based on science and technology. However, at the same time, it opens the window of cooperation with the people or the nations facing the similar…show more content…
This has resulted in the concerns of political geography increasingly overlapping with those of other human geography sub-disciplines such as economic geography, and particularly with those of social and cultural geography in relation to the study of the politics. Although contemporary political geography maintains many of its traditional concerns the multi-disciplinary expansion into related areas is part of a general process within human geography which involves the blurring of boundaries between formerly discrete areas of
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