Georg Simmel Founder of German Sociological Association

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Georg Simmel was born in 1858 and for the majority of his life lived in Berlin, Germany. He was the founder of the German Sociological Association. One area of his research included how our spiritual lives were shaped by our social and geographical lives, and in turn how our spiritual lives shaped our environments. Simmel argued that the people within a society build their lives on truth and that all truth is relational. He likened this process as a bridge that connects our separateness to create one society, similar to a human bridge. He is described as a microsociologist, focused on small-group research and argues that everything interacts, on some level, with everything else. He notes the difference between a dyad, where two people are involved with a triad which includes three people. He argues that a triad is a greater threat to the individuality of each group member.
Simmel’s defines secrecy as a condition, and researches relationships from this aspect of giving and receiving knowledge and keeping secrets. He describes friendship and intimate relationships, whereby friendship creates more secretiveness and discretion than that of a more intimate relationship. Simmel argues that modern societies are systems that operate from a high degree of secrecy, and notes the money economy as one example of how people can hide much of what they transact and acquire.
Secrecy is described as something that is internal when the secret is possessed in common amongst several

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